Aussie Chardonnay Sample Pack – 3 Bottles

Aussie Chardonnay Sample Packs, We have created this amazing offer, to show how Australians like there Chardonnay.

You wont find your Grandma’s Chardonnay here!!
Aussie Chardonnay Sample Packs
3 bottles of Great Australian Chardonnay’s – Value $74

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you Get 1 BOTTLE of each of these wines

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Chardonnay Sample Pack – 3 Bottles

Chardonnay Sample Pack – 3 Bottles

Chardonnay, the worlds most popular White Grape, and probably the most maligned Grape in the World.

The Sheer volume of this grape this is planted eclipses the next white , buy almost 3 times. and due to that we see chardonnay’s brand tarnished across the world. Much the same as Australia’s brand in the USA, with the success of the cheap commercial wines Yellow tail, Alice White, Little Penguin. the US market have Pidgeon holed these brands as something that is not necessarily correct.

Also the  American market have grown up with Granma’s big oaky butterball chardonnay, that is a meal in itself. now don’t get me wrong, there is a market for these wines, and the commercial guys have been able to hide the quality of these wines with all sorts of trickery.

Aussie Chardonnay Sample Pack

BUT this is not the style of wines the rest of the world drink!

In fact in Australia, if you bought any above mentioned wine to a dinner party, you would be turn back at the door.

Australian Chardonnay , is different, Quality is everything, many of the younger generation of wine drinkers are looking for fresh crisp styles, and Chardonnay has some challengers Sauvignon Blanc, Fiano, Pinot Gris.

But a premium quality Chardonnay from Australia is always the winner in my eyes.

Oak is never the driver, it is more intergrated, fruit driven and elegance is what I expect.

We have plenty of examples of these wines available to you on the site Explore.


Chardonnay regions that are famous in Australia include Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Moorabool Valley